Saturday, September 17, 2016

Day 169- Self Appreciation

In a recent point that I have been walking, I realized that I barely appreciate myself for the things I do and accomplish. Most of the time I am in the moment of looking at self dishonesties and directing points and questioning if I directed the points "correctly", that I have not made it a point within myself to appreciate myself and the things that I have walked/directed successfully. I noticed that if I don't appreciate myself than it's like I am putting myself down for the things I messed up on. I saw this in reflection of how I felt others are not appreciating the things that I do....and my first reaction was to go into blame that I am not appreciated by others- but then bringing it back to self (in self reflection) I realized that I am the one who is not appreciating me.

So I commit myself to visibly show my self appreciation for the small or big things that I do accomplish in my process of life.

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