Saturday, November 26, 2016

Day 175-Pregnancy Assisting with Body Awareness

An interesting point I have noticed with my second pregnancy is how it has been assisting me with being more in tune/aware of my physical body when I react emotionally to something. The "symptoms" I have experienced when going into an emotional reaction has been shortness of breath, dizziness and feeling a little nauseous. It is in those moments that I realize I need to redirect what is happening within me. So in a way it has been a cool experience to be able to have my body as an "informant" to myself to stop the reaction and redirect the moment.
Sometimes it is hard for me to redirect as I will be very engaged within the reaction so I would have to slow myself down, lay down, rest and breathe.

I was driving this morning and I was feeling a little anxious about something that was going on later today. And the feeling was originating from my solar plexus and it made my body feel quite uncomfortable and a little nauseous. And I can feel myself becoming annoyed with myself which then I could project towards other people. That projection is something I have been doing quite often (taking my annoyance and frustration on others)- that realization came up within me on my drive today so I took action with breathing and looking into the future moment that was making me anxious and how I was actually creating this feeling, making it something bigger than it was. And I let it go, so by the time I got home the feeling of me being anxious was no longer there. 

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