Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day 177- "Trust vs. Believe"- Response to Leila Zamora Moreno

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Thank You Leila for bringing this point up to my attention. After listening to your video, sharing about the difference between trust and believe I can relate to what you are saying. This has not been a point I have walked with awareness, however I have seen myself walking this point from the perspective of creating an experience for the child. It is something we have learned in my early childhood classes- where we set up a specific environment for the child to explore with their senses thus learning through discovery. Within this similarity I see that when we refer to it as having the child built self trust by discovering and exploring on their own and not just taking your word for it, we can take it a step further into parenthood, where just as in your example with the knife, as a parent we can safely let our children explore and learn to investigate things for themselves rather than taking other's words.
I have also noticed that as parents we want to protect our children and are quick to say "don't do this or that because it is not safe", without showing them a safe way to explore for themselves.
Now that it has been brought to my awareness I will have to double check myself when I speak to my son, or even children at school.
Thanks for your supportive video!

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