Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day 183- I am Grateful For Life

I am grateful for LIFE. When I say life I don't mean the systematic world we live in because that world can be rather depressing for all the nasty shit we allow to exists. When I say "life" I refer to the life force in all of us that gives us the opportunity to breathe, exists, move on Earth, in the physical. I am grateful that I can wake up every morning and take a deep breath and use everyday as an opportunity to learn something new and to create something new. I am grateful for being able to use my touch to explore the physical and with this understand what it means to be aware, to be part of this life force. I am grateful that I have found myself in a position to be able to see/realize/understand to create space for appreciation for LIFE because I can see that this is hard for the mind to comprehend, thus I am grateful that I have chosen to be open to walk a path of self awareness and expanding my self awareness as LIFE here in the physical. 

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