Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day 182- I am Grateful For...

Awhile ago I wrote a blog where I mentioned that I was inspired to look at the word "grateful" and I wanted to do a series of things that I am grateful for.
I have noticed myself going through up and down moments where I would allow myself to fall into depression because I ma not satisfied with something that is going on in my personal life. I am sure there are many people experiencing the same wave of ups and downs. As I looked deeper into the experience of depression it was aways something about victimizing myself, something not going my way and instead of investigating that something- I would allow the depression feeling to creep in and possess me for a bit.
So I am making these series of the things that "I am grateful for..." as a reminder to myself and also a way to appreciate my life. I am going to test this, and see what opens up within the context of appreciation and gratefulness.

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