Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 189- It's a Boy- Acceptance

Continuing this blog- Day 176- It's a Boy!

Within this blog I am addressing my acceptance that I will be raising two boys even (as in my picture perfect reality since I was a child I had pictured myself with one boy and one girl).
The point of acceptance was addressed within me some time ago. I think the initial reaction that my second child is also a boy crushed my "childhood image" and that is something I had to look into and work my way and at this point as my little boy is about to arrive soon- I don't think I would have it any other way. It is, what it is- thus I am bringing my focus towards raising two boys and making sure they learn self-responsibility, self-respect, self- honesty and the tools to making effective decisions as well as being supportive of each other and others. It is not to say that I would teach a girl differently, however in our world/system today girls are overlooked (hence the reason for a lot of feminist movements) thus as a mother of two boys it will be my job to teach them equality when it comes to viewing and treating girls/women, and actually- treating everyone and everything in the same respectful manner.

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