Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 195- Inspire/Expire

I came across the word "inspire" some time ago when I was looking at some yoga videos by Megan Currie. Today I decided to look into this word on a deeper level.
The first thought that came up within me was a memory when I was in my younger years in college. I was taking ENG 101 and we were required to write an essay on someone who has been a mentor to me or someone who has inspired me. At the time I had no connection to this word so it was a tough essay to write as I had to bullshit my way and make up a story that was not real but had real people in my life. That was because at the time I did not have anyone who I can say had inspired me to do something special in my life- thus I had no idea what that would be like- thus I had no connection to this word.
When I first came across Megan's timelapse yoga videos I got an idea of what it meant to be inspired. However, it remained just a feeling as I did not actually get myself up and started to do yoga as I would have liked myself to be doing- thus the word remained a feeling rather than a LIVING word.

When saying the word out loud it sounds like IN-SPYER-as in a person that is looking/spying inward. And then for some reason the word "expire" came up sounding as EX-SPYER-as in a person looking/spying outward or simply no longer looking/spying.
When placing the two words together inspire/expire it's like saying IN-BREATH/OUT-BREATH. Take in the inspiration within self and expire that which self does not need, that which is not self supportive.

So how to live the word "inspire" into the physical and not on energy level?
How can "inspire" be a starting point of self motivation rather than a dream?
For something to be inspiring it means that I have the will/desire towards doing that something but I have not moved this will/desire forward into physically doing something about it. This is quite common for me in my life so within looking at this word, it is like a step stone in my process of learning how to take the inspiration into reality. So this is def a word I will be focusing on working with.