Monday, April 30, 2018

Day 200- Introducing Responsibilities to my Child

Something I have been looking at recently is the introduction to responsibilities for my older son in a more concrete way. He is now 6 years old and I often feel like the "helicopter mom" doing stuff for him because I loose my patience and he is not consistent. I was reflecting how to in generally teach responsibility to him in a more concrete way. In a way where he is involved in that decision and understanding that "Oh, ok so this is my job now".
First I looked at things that he is physically able to do.  Then I divided it into a category. My next project is to place it in a chart and then introduce it to him. I sat down with my husband and we (mostly me) brainstormed some jobs. So here are some of the stuff that went into that brainstorming:

1. Laundry (he is can tell me when his basket is full and together we can go and place the laundry to wash and then dry. Then he can help with folding (since that is a skill he still needs to learn).

2. Preparing his backpack for school or camp.

3. Upon returning from school/camp he can empty backpack and place items where they belong (folder and papers in his room- lunchbox items in the sink....).

4. Clean up after himself when eating (and he does tend to make a mess). Placing dishes in the sink, sweep the chair and floor where he made a mess with the food. I need to buy him a set of children size broom.

5. Toys (in our family we like things cleaned up and organized)- my son likes to take toys out without putting them back- so it has been somewhat of a struggle when it is clean up time and he is overwhelmed with all the toys around (upstairs, downstair and all around). I am determined to teach him that after playing with a certain set of toys or at a certain place he needs to clean up before deciding that he will be playing something else or with something else.

6. Bed night and Morning routines: mostly he knows what to do by himself but still wants my help for things he knows how to do and is perfectly capable of doing- so breaking that cycle where he needs mommy to (for example, pull his clothes out...) and moving more towards independent choosing clothes and dressing without me having to be in the room.

So that's it for now- will work on the chart and share more...