Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 32- "I Am What I Eat...."

Recently I came across this article:
20 Ingredients To Memorize and Avoid In Any Food You Consume 


When walking down the isles of grocery stores it is really hard to avoid food that does not contain at least one of those harmful ingredients unless you are at the "whole food store". That is absolutely ridiculous. 
So let's see what does this indicate. According to the article those are some of the harmful ingredients one can find in food. Most of them are preservatives for shelve food- some come from what we feed our food, or the pesticides chemicals we use for our food. So it is not like we can say- oh I am just not going to buy shelve food. I mean it is in the fruit, meat, dairy....anything made with these foods. And these are ingredients that have been approved of the FDA. 
So lets follow the "logic" behind all this- which ultimately leads to profit and money which is the abuse driven force in this money system.

So I have been eating foods containing at least one of the above harmful ingredients. 
One- at some point I was not even aware of it- because nutrition and what we eat and where it comes from is not a class part of the school curriculum to teach children because if it was children will get some common sense of the abuse in this system.
Two- just because I am aware of it now- does not indicate that I can afford it. Which would be the case for many people out there (meaning shopping at the "whole food" store and organic).
Three- if harmful food has been approved of the FDA, how can I trust that organic is really organic (also approved by the FDA)? I mean just because the label says it....LoL we have created a world where we cannot trust!!! Organic is more expensive and it is suggested as a "free option" choice- like "Well if you don't want to be poisoned come buy our more expensive organic food"...That is not a choice, because if it was everyone will chose to eat food without the poison. MONEY makes that choice.

So I have been eating food containing at least one of those ingredients for many years and at some point my body reacted to the chemicals and responded as the result of an unbalance in my body creating a consequence. In my case it was endometriosis cyst on my ovary. I had to have it removed twice. Doctors don't know what the main cause is, however what is certain is that is it linked to hormonal imbalance. 

Now there are many reasons for a person to have a hormonal imbalance- but the food I eat is a HUGE contributor. I mean "we are what we eat" after all. Our bodies take the food, break it down and use it for energy. But if this food is poisoned then the body has to fight extra, and the thing that cannot be digested and gives absolutely no nutritional value to support the body- is stored in the body and becomes toxins. Toxins that eventually harm the body creating and mutating the life organisms that DO support the body.

So then money were made from me going to have surgery to remove the cyst. And the solution I was given was to take birth control pills. Instead of doctors focusing on the food intake and sending me to a nutritionist- they give me a synthetic hormonal balancing pill- that in itself comes with all other kinds of side effects. Why? Because then the pharmaceutical company can make MONEY. And when I told my doctor that I am taking a supplement that helps with hormone balance- It was brushed off because it was not approved by the FDA. 

So in short just as any other money problem for profit in this world- the problem/poison is created by the entity that will give you the solution/antidote all in the name of MONEY.

In the following video: White House Arrests GMO Petitioner the group of activist who attempted to contact the president to give the petition that people want GMO to be listed in the labels of food- were arrested. It is really interesting to know that there are ingredients that don't even have to be placed on the labels of food.  WTF?

The following is a label for a Hershey's bar chocolate: Milk Chocolate (sugar, milk, chocolate, cocoa butter, lactose, milk fat, soy lecithin, PGRP, Emulsifier, vanillin, artificial flavor-which is not said what to be exactly)....ummm what happened to just milk, cocoa and butter. What are all those other things in there? I wonder if there is a little bottle that contains "emulsifier". Like "Let's see, milk, cocoa...oh and let's not forget to add the emulsifier

Not only is putting chemicals in our food supply affect us but also the life around us. Pesticides used on crops affect not only the insects that eat the crop but also other animals that may eat the crop. For example in this article about the bees.


Whole foods and organic is not a solution. It is presented as an alternative to make you think that you have free choice. And free choice is bought. 
A solution is to stop putting poison in the food. It is to have the common sense to do what is best for all. It is to make sure that WE do not poison our food in the name of money/profit. It is to make sure that the food we do produce is up to highest nutritional value. Thus much of the garbage food we know today would simply cease to exists. It would simply not be necessary as it would have no practical function. And the food that we do require will be produced in a way that will be free of harmful ingredients and YES be available to everyone.
So if the money/profit like anything else that is exploited and abused in this system is the PROBLEM than common sense will tell us that this is what must be changed.

I am just one example of a person who has seen an actual physical consequence to my body. I am just one example of the many people out there who see that placing poison in our food and calling it legal is insane! 


The reward is simply that we will be able to go and buy food that we can trust. It is not about putting what kind of harmful ingredients are in our food on a label- it is about making sure that those ingredients are NOT put in the food at all. In today's world of technology and scientific research we are able to create that which is best for all. We are able to investigate that which is harmful and that which is not. And natural preservatives are already used in the more expensive foods.

I can even see the opening for nutrition careers where one can talk to their nutritionist and determine at a molecular level what is good for them and every other individual. Not every kind of food is good for someone's body, thus we do not need to eat the food that is not supporting for our bodies. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 31- The Power of Compliments and Insults

It is interesting how a person can be fed with a positive energy when they receive a compliment and fed with negative energy when they receive an insult. And what that shows me is that one's existence is depended on another's compliment/insult and determines how we behave and feel about ourselves- that sounds crazy! Then we wonder wtf is going on with society!

Compliments build positive self esteem and insults build low self esteem. And that is how we let others justify us and validate us. It is like we are constantly looking for feedback from others- and I am not saying that getting feedback is a problem (because feedback indicates/shows us our reflection), but it is the attached energy that comes with a/an compliment/insult through the power of sound/words.

The key word here is how one FEELS and is VALIDATED after they have heard the words of another about them. Not only is it that compliments/insults are feeling/emotion based but they also seem to go hand in hand with what society determines as a norm/acceptance about fellow humans- which would be the base point of what will define whether what is said will be a compliment or an insult. And if we look at history- norms/acceptance is something that changes with the shift of society and what the "new trend" is, what is "hot" and what is "not". And what defines it is the mind because it generates energy to feed off of. Yeah- all of us have experienced that energy of feeling good as our ego is fed, and feeling bad as our ego is shattered- all in the name of someone's words which are based on a perception that exists within the other person's mind. And if my mind perceptions aligns with yours- it is a compliment. It my mind perception does not align with yours- it is an insult.

The very fact that this is something that changes based on the mind= makes it a perception of the mind that people collectively participate in to make it a norm and acceptance. In reality it has got nothing to do with the physical existence which would imply that a norm would be something that is established in common sense to support life in the physical. We are far away from what should be normal in this world.

It is a very general point so let's take a look at an example:
In the 50's women were expected to look more on the fatty body side so they had ads for pills that make you gain weight. So in that time if they called a woman who was skinny-SKINNY with this attitude and negative energy it would be taken as an insult.

However, today we see a trend of get skinny pills, because what has become the norm is skinny women BUT with butt and breast so if someone would call a woman skinny today- it would be taken as a compliment.

What we don't seem to realize is the reality that the body comes in different shapes and sizes and can be healthy or unhealthy- and that is meant in a physical way as in "is the body supported within the physical reality or not"- not how it looks/appears to the mind of a person.
Read more on the article:

Depending on if you had received a compliment or an insult by another you will feel good or bad about yourself, you will take those words to heart, go home and subconsciously accept them as they imprint in your head and now everywhere you look around you will begin comparing and judging others as less or more than you. That is how judgment towards others forms- from the mind out in the physical creating ultimate self abuse and abuse towards others. And one will have accepted to be validated by another.

There is a difference between giving a feedback and complimenting/ insulting someone.  It is in the formation of the words, in the starting point of your words and whether there is an energetic point attached or not.

There is also a difference in how one takes a feedback in compliment/insult. And yes- it is in the starting point of how it is accepted and if there is energy point that one has attached to it or not.

So, if someone tells me they like my dress (that would be a compliment). So it is my responsibility to make sure that I do not attach any energetic points to it (feelings/emotions). And it is the other person's responsibility to make sure that when they are saying those words they know why and what they mean by it by making sure that there is no energetic point attached to it.
So the "I like your dress" can be a very simple feedback that the person who sais those words is giving a feedback to me that they like something about the dress I am wearing- material, design and it fits according to my body shape.

On the other hand if someone tells me I don't like your dress (one may take it as an insult). It is my responsibility to make sure that I do not attach the negative energy, and it is their responsibility to make sure that when they speak those words they know why and what they mean to say without the energetic attachement. So the "I don't like your dress" it is a simple feedback to me that there is something about the dress that this person does not like- material, design, color, how it fits according to my body shape.

And this is not in any judgmental way- because there is no energy attached to it. I don't walk away feeling bad or good about my dress. I don't feel validated by the other person, I don't feel like I have to take the dress off and change it. I don't feel like I have to buy all the dresses that look like this one- because it was liked.

Realize that when you make a compliment or an insult (with the energy attachment) it is not about the other person. It is always about you and what you project out of your mind towards the other person.

I often find myself complimenting clothes that I would enjoy wearing. But then I ask myself what is the reason I would enjoy wearing this type of clothing. And the answer laid deeper then just the appearance. It laid in what I have built myself to like based on an image. For example, I would always feel the need to compliment yoga clothing or anything that has to do with this design of yoga clothing- because I have built a special attachement and image to the word yoga (this good feeling).
This can also go for sexy clothing- as my mind will match an image of what society considers sexy. So in my mind I see the picture and then when I see the clothing- the mind picture is generated and now I define this clothing as sexy and I project this image towards myself and others. And that is how judgement towards clothing is established. Very Fucked up.
Remove that energetic point and you have clothes that you enjoy wearing and clothes you don't enjoy wearing...think about the material of the clothing, the physical feel of the clothing, wear all colors, explore all designs, match colors, enjoy how the clothing fits the body, anything that has a physical alignment to why you would enjoy the clothing. STOP judging clothes.

So the clothes point was just one of many- but the concept remains the same about anything you can think of.

One important thing I have learned through Desteni  is that one needs to align with the physcal existence- thus one needs to be practical in their words and choices, one needs to have a look a the whole picture, one needs to be able to recognize when they are experiencing an energetic participation of feelings and emotions and when they are stable, one needs to know that it is about the starting point when doing something...the why behind the action- and in terms make sure that the WHY/starting point behind the action is always clear of the energetic reaction, habit, image, picture, idea, society anything that could have shaped one to NOT be aligned with the physical existence (that is the planet, humans, animals.... etc). And that is how we build a world that is best for all. Stick with the physical existence as a starting point because that is life, that is stable, that is constant, that is REAL.

I'd suggest joining Desteni and starting your process of breaking down the mind character you play in the world that is not aligned with the physical and what is best for all.
Check out DIP Lite (free course that gets you started on knowing what you have accepted and allowed yourself to exists as and how to start aligning yourself with the physical and stepping out of mind definitions).

Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 30- "Work or Not, That is the Question"

Soon it will be a year since I have not been working (due to baby and school). At first in feels nice because all the stress experienced at work in the current money system (due to shit just not functioning right to support the employee so that they are happy to do a job and expand their intelectual being).

However at some point is it get REALLY, REALLY boring having to stay home, do the regular chores, take care of the baby-while everyone else is at work. I do like spending valuable time with Victor, but when there is no difference in my day or I don't see anyone else, don't talk to anyone else (everyone is busy with their own "life" so to speak), everything I do is depended on the baby's schedule (eating, sleeping-so it is not to say that I actually can just get up and go out...), it feels kind of lonely and def dumbing as not much brain activity goes on in my day.

James has not been spending any time with Victor because he has been working those long days/weeks and managing school along with it. He has not had a moment to sit down and relax with Victor, read a book, play with the toys, feed him....the list goes on. It's not that he does not want to of course. And it is perfect example of showing the misbalance provided to us in this system of abuse.

Parenting is supposed to be shared so that one does not go crazy and lose it in a way that is not best for their baby/child (like ignoring him, letting him cry, not wanting to play with him..all the things that are needed to nourish the child/baby....that when one is overwhelmed and becomes annoyed just wants to cover their ears and not listen to what the child/baby is saying/telling them, yells at the baby/child as a reaction- none of that is OK).
I have been able to be pretty stable even when overwhelmed but that is because I am aware of my actions thanks to the Desteni Process, it is not to say that I don't experience being overwhelmed  however I am able to recognize the energy of explosion within me and stop it. There are times however when it is hard to deal with this energy point and I go into "ignore all and everything mode". Not fun at all.

So where does one draw the line between the extreme of staying home and working all the time. It is sad both ways.


In the current money system one is required to work 40 hours if not more a week to be able to support themselves or a family. In fact, both partners need to work in order to support a family (from a mid to low economic status). The only reason I have been able to stay home is because James and I are living with his parents-so no rent/mortgage payment. If we were to move out- I will def have to have a job.

When so many hours are spent at work- one has no time to be with the people they live with because majority of that time is spent in separate places. People come home tired, some don't want to do anything while others push themselves and engage in various activities.

The problem with staying home (if one is able to do so)- is that it does get boring. You are not aligned with everyone else who is working. And after awhile it gets depressing. One can't even spend normal time with their partner (if they have one) because their partner is tired and has other things to catch up on.

My point here is that neither one is OK. It is not OK to over work- it is not OK to stay home and not work. When one works their brain is working-which helps with "brain production"  What I have noticed about myself is that I am more likely to engage in other activities if my day/brain had been working than if I had ALL day to do something and at the end of the day I question "what the hell did I do today that was productive?" A person needs/wants to be productive- no matter how much is it denied. I want to do something-work on something- be productive. That in my case is teaching. I have already graduated so I am searching for a teaching position. I want to engage with other teachers- work on projects-challenge myself. Over staying home makes me feel brain dead/no self motivation. Over working makes me want to take a break....and stay I mean it is obviously not the right balance in what this system has to offer us. It is NOT ok!


Many things and perspectives have been discussed within the EQUAL MONEY project/movement in the wiki section. Thus I am able to state that a balance will be established between work and other time to enjoy outside of work. And work will be something that is not stressful because the employee will be supported as they need and things will function to co-support the work place and the employee. Things at your work place will actually make sense. One of the biggest problem some people project and are against the EM is that no one will want to work. PLEASE!!!!! NO one will want to work? It will get really boring. At some point something clicks in a person and they want to contribute to society that will support what is best for all. Saying that no one will want to work is an excuse- because if everyone had the same amount of money to start with- work will no longer be a competition but a place where people team up to work together to create or sustain that which is best. NO profit- no competition- no cheating- no greed-projects are done to support that which matters the physical and in return the reward is we are giving the best to each other.  It is not a hard concept to see- only if one is stuck in their mind and that which exists in the current money system. STEP out of that place and envision something you have never knew to be possible before! This is evolutionary.

The Equal Money Capitalism (EMC) was established as a medium point to lead us to the EMS. A transition step....and possibly for people to stop saying that EMS has any associations with Communism/Socialism or whatever has been out there before that did not work in what is best for all-just as Capitalism is not working out in the best of all BECAUSE the starting point was never intended to be that which is best for all.


I don't know about you, but I'd like to start living life and NOT surviving life. Life is to be lived not to be fought the battle of survival. Thus with the solution one will be able to go to work and love what they work- be enthusiastic about the projects they are doing because they will know that no matter what the project it will represent something good and supportive for society. I am willing to do that! I am willing to participate because the reward will be.....LIVING LIFE! Less amount of work time- more people will get a chance to work. EVERYONE will get a chance to travel and explore other places. No stupid borders to separate us. Earth is one house with different rooms- but we all share it. No one is better or less unless they are placed to be in such position. There is so much that EMS/EMC can offer in every sigle aspect that is affected by money today. At the moment it is just a movement-however I do hope I live to see it unfold and open. I would love to live in such a place and I would wish nothing less for future generations to experience this in fact.

I'd suggest to open your eyes and see what is in fact possible- reeducate yourself and stop living up to the expectations of what "can't be done and will not work"....unglue yourself from what you've known so far to be because it will only hold you back from seeing what CAN BE done and what IS possible!

What you got to lose? Certainly nothing in this system of abuse other than your ideas that create abuse...and support a system of abuse.

So people will have the time to be with the people they live with and spend actual time together, help each other with the babies/children- that is what bonds people together- the time they spend doing something together and sharing those moments with what is here.