Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 33- How Would You Create the World If You Were "God"?

This post will look at the question, "How would you create the world if you were "God"?

I was driving in my car today and this question arose in my thoughts. My answer was: "If I was "God" I would make sure that my creation is supported within its existence so that it is able to function and support itself together as one (ecosystem). I would do so humbly and make sure that every particle of my creation is accounted for. Bringing this into creating a world- with LIFE it means that if I was to place myself and be any of the particles of which I have created I should be able to say- I enjoy this. If at any point I was to place myself in a particle of my creation that would make me say- I am not enjoying this and I am suffering physically- it means that I have messed up and need to correct myself until all particles are equal at such point that no matter where I place myself within my creation I would not mind it and would enjoy being in such a place.

To clarify this with a tangible example- If I was "God" and created nature, men, animals and insects- I should without a doubt be able to place myself and become and experience/express myself as either of the above life forms because I would enjoy myself existing as this form of Life, knowing that my existence from a physical perspective is supported.

What happens in today's world is that I as a human being would hate to place myself in the shoes of an abused animal, abused human being, abused nature or an insect- however I would love to place myself in a situation that brings me money and support and would not even dream of having the life of a child starving or being sold for prostitution somewhere around the world.

What does this tells us about the creation of "God"? When in fact if we look at what we create we can call ourselves "Gods", because we are beings that are capable of creating. It tells us that we are one messed up "Gods" that blame everyone else for the creation we all collectively have done and continue to do-which is LIFE of abuse.  One should be deeply ASHAMED of having any part/participation of such creation. I KNOW I AM.

If you are not willing to be the abused child across the world or that dog dying in the boiling pot of water because it would be a life of misery- it should indicate as a slap in the face that there is something seriously wrong with the current creation of this world. A creation we sustain as humanity/ as "Gods" and call it normal and "it's just the way it is" crap.

As I observed this topic I realized something about Destonians. I asked myself the question: How is it that some people are ready to accept the message that there is something seriously wrong with this world and that the obvious common sense expectation is to create a solution that does not spread abuse,  but creates "heaven"for life in the physical, and others aren't? And this of course would imply to people who have come across Desteni (because a clear solution is presented with the EMC/EMS) and have had the choice to accept or reject the message. And how can one deny/reject such a message in their "right state of being"? To be able to accept it one clearly must be in the "right state of being" which would imply that those who are unable to accept must not be in the "right state of being", at least for the time being.
Which would then imply that they are Ok with the state of an abuse world, don't care about it and/or would rather remain ignorant and/or instead of seeing how they can help and assist- they stand in the way of saying how this or that is not going to work without further investigation as to why they would make such a statement on the first place and the will to investigate ways that would work (in the manner that would have the best result for all at the end).

I then went deeper by bringing up the first question I asked myself "If I was "God", how would I create this world?- with my answer in a sense- it is to create a place where if I place myself in any form of life I should be able to enjoy it.....
Then I looked at some possible answers from others (hypothetically) which would have been: "I would make myself have everything like POWER and CONTROL...- In a sense having a response where one would place themselves in the best position in the expense of others (no matter in what manner this response it worded in) if they had the chance to do so.

And I realized that in order for one to be ready for Desteni (EMC/EMS and anything else that has been shared through the PORTAL), one would have to be able to answer the question of this topic in a manner that will place/consider everyone in the same equation- no one above or below. And I realize that this is something that comes from within because for me it was so simplistic to accept it. I wondered why...as I looked at myself even from childhood somewhere very deep, like from beingness before any of the programmed mind stuff that came later in my life- the one constant thing that remains is the fact that I would humbly, honestly without a question want for everyone to exists in happiness. And in the blink of an eye if I had that power as "God" without a question I would create it to be so.

I don't know how it was for other Destonians joining the group and accepting the message, but for me this was it, it has always been- that if I can find a way to end suffering in the world even if it meant giving up everything I gained so to speak (from "robbing" others of the same equal opportunity by default) I would do it so that we can all exists in harmony (which includes me too). So when I came across Desteni- it was like "Wow" this is it. The one group that covers all the corners and points and works in physical time and space.

So if you are a human being that is just crossing upon Desteni and having to make the choice to accept or reject the message, ask yourself the above question: "How would you create the world if you were "God"? and if you still seek to be on top and have everything at the expense and suffering of others and say "screw everyone else" even after you have heard the message.....TURN around because you are NOT ready for us- COME back to us when you are capable from within yourself (self honestly) say that you are willing to create a world that will support all LIFE.
Only then are you ready to understand what we stand for and why. Until then anything you hear about/or from Desteni is simple information that you attach and filter through the EGO mind and you will have the following symptoms:  defensive, unsupportive, abusive, careless, lost in your mind of how you perceived the message- which in many cases ends up being your own limitation and blockage to stepping outside of your mind and believes.

And if you are a human being who's response to the above question has anything to do with making sure every form of life is supported and is able to enjoy itself and you will not mind taking the form of any life as "God"- then I would say you are ready to accept Desteni and to begin your journey to be part of the solution.

At Desteni we thoroughly research and investigate the essence of what it means to be a responsible human being. This research is done through the participation of everyone that is interested and dares to take on the journey of self-discovery. We share our findings through video, audio and text through various internet media. This website gathers all the relevant information and links you'll want to explore if you're interested in learning about Desteni. Enjoy!"