Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 41- Porn as a Point of Abuse!

Today I came across a blog from a fellow Destonian that was talking about his porn addiction and how it affected his relationship to himself and women, his realizations and how is able to stop the porn addiction (My Experience with Porn and Prostitution Day 4). I was intrigued by his writings because up until now I had no particular view on porn per say. I kind of just brushed it off to "ah that's something mainly men get engaged in", I had no concrete stance on porn being bad or good. However today I realize that porn is in fact part of the abuse happening in the world. And it is not about being good or bad but about how it affects people even from the most innocent person watching porn in their house to the most extreme person who abuses others in the world. Thus by this def if porn causes even ONE abuse in the world- then it is obviously not something effective and beneficial to society to have in existence as to what is best for all principle. The same can be said about alcohol, drugs and other abusive entities that seems harmless just because it did not happen to YOU or you seemingly are in control of the "situation".

I myself had participated in watching porn when I was younger and it came from a point of curiosity- then I never continued because it was not something that took particular interest in my life. Later in my life when finding people online through going in a chat and chatting (you know, those AIM chats that had different titles of interests), just to chat, meet others- I found this guy that I kept contact with, it was not serious, more like someone I just chatted with when he popped up on my buddy list. He would always contact me first. And what was strange to me is that he kept pushing the point of "sexual" communication with me like "what I was wearing, where was I in the room"- things I perceived as innocent and non important. He kept talking to me about how horny he was all the time and he just could not control himself from masturbating, watching porn, had to see it visually, in writing, on the was sex, sex, sex and how hard his dick was. I thought he was coming from a point of "joking around", being playful and what not- then I started to get tired of the same non substantial conversation and ended up deleting him off my buddy list.

Today I read the above blog and realized that the guy was talking to had a serious sex/masturbating addiction to the energy that he got off on every time he jerked off to anything sex related and could not wait to feel that next energetical "explosion" again and again- so he kept looking for it all ways and forms.

Holy- Shit he needed help. If he is still out there somewhere in the world- please GET HELP! Check out Desteni and walk yourself out of the addiction!

Today I realize that porn is in fact abusive just like alcohol and any other drug or any means that create an energetical reaction within your mind/physical body that escapes the reality and is directly or indirectly related to the abuse of this world as a whole. Also thanks to Anna's video on Porn where she touches the points on the interconnectedness of porn and child abuse in the world. I recommend hearing her video.

So I went out for a drive to get some stuff done and I though to will I go about explaining to Victor about porn. He is still a toddler, but the exposure of abuse is out there all around us- how do I protect him from it? (is what I asked myself) and the answer that came up was:
I guess the only way to "protect" your children from the abuse in this world is to teach them the point of understanding of what abuse is, why it exists and how not to participate in it- if you try to ignore, shelter and hide the abuse from them they will inevitably be drawn to that which they don't know and end up participating in it anyway. Don't say something is bad- explain what "bad" is from the perspective of how it affects the physical as a whole so that they can see why it is bad-abusive-ineffective to the whole existence. So then it becomes part of their understanding to why they should not participate in abuse and not something you just told them not to do.

This point to consider is really important because it goes along with "you cannot change anyone, it is their responsibility to change themselves". The only way change can be done is when the individual is WILLING to change and then they receive the assistance needed along. That is why Rehab does not work or is not effective enough and people revert back to their damaging/addicting habits. The only way one can change is by realizing that they need to change and are willing to take on their own demons and work directly with the source of the "evil"- their own MIND/Ego of what they had accepted and allowed to become. That is why people who come to Desteni, and had have addictions to various things were able to stop the addictions in the amount of time that can never beat any Rehab or psychiatrist out there. And the tools to self help are so simple that all that is required is your will to stop your addiction and your dedication to face yourself/demons.

So then the question is how do we protect our children from having to come to a point of entering addictions/supporting world abuse by preventing it from the very start? Because later they will have walk themselves out of it- Now that would be a waste of time when it could have been prevented.
So how do we prevent it?

To be continued....

PS. For those willing to walk masturbation/sex with Desteni and see how one can do it from a point of exploring the physical and not the mind/picture/idea/energy/addiction check out these interview series:
Shocking Secrets of Masturbation (these are pretty much all FREE)
What is Sex? (Also many of those are offered FREE)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 40- Desteni I Witness- What is Desteni?

Continuing from the previous blog Day 39- Desteni I Witness- The Discovery 

One thing you will hear people say at Desteni is that we stand for the principle of Oness and Equality- What is Best for All.

It took me some time and investigating the material to, if you want to say, "Grow" an understanding and awareness as to what Oness and Equality-What is Best for All actually means. It's not something that can be simply put into one sentence- it is the very understanding/realization of how all the "puzzles" fit together to seeing the current reality of how we have created ourselves to exists in separation not realizing that in fact we are all one and must exists in equality otherwise consequences such as today's abusive world are the result.
This is the same reason why it is so hard for some to understand Desteni and its purpose to humanity as part of the whole existence.  It's not something that can be explain- it has to be understood from within.

Desteni is many things one of them being a name that represents the whole group and the principle the group stands for- Oness and Equality-What is Best for All.

Desteni is an activist group for whole of existence (Humans, Animals, Plants, Earth, Dimensions, Universe from the smallest particle to the largest and everything in between).

Desteni is politics as it stands for Equal Money and Equal Life Foundation as the future.

Desteni is science as the people who will create/invent what is necessary to create the physical reality to a functional one to align to that which is best for all.

Desteni is education as the self education and self investigation into the MIND/EGO so that we can transform from our evil nature to beings that care for what is best for all (DIP Lite, DIP Pro)

Desteni is esoteric as the studies that show us that which the physical eye and the mind I can't see ( along with YouTube).

Desteni is history as it gives the history of existence and how/where we fucked up and thus how we can correct ourselves ( along with YouTube).

Desteni is a teacher as it teaches how to be a responsible, caring, practical human being that supports the physical reality.

Desteni is a counselor as it gives you the self tools to work yourself out and become stable within your reality and thus within the whole reality (realization, self forgiveness, self corrective application). This is why we began the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs such as the one I am writing in here!

Desteni is a foundation for the future of Equality.

Desteni is everything and then again nothing more than a name because when the name is removed the foundation of all of the above remains.

Desteni also had to eventually establish itself as a business because let's face it- this current reality require financial stability. Running all the websites and collecting for the Equal Life Foundation (which represents Equal Money) as well as having the Desteni Farm land to support all the animals and people living there requires money. Income comes from the DIP Pro and Eqafe store which has the interviews available. I must note that at one point all the interviews were free at the Desteni YouTube channel however due to haters who could not understand the purpose of Desteni the channel was taken down by YouTube themselves giving no valid reason and Desteni had to buy it's own domain. It may seem pricy however those interviews are "golden".
I must also note that no person participating at Desteni is required by any means to GIVE money to be part of Desteni. All that is purchased and donated is because people want to financially support the group which in terms supports the future of ourselves. And the support of the group=PRICELESS!
So no Desteni is NOT money greedy, trying to get rich hungry= of course that would defeat the whole purpose of Desteni itself.

Day 39- Desteni I Witness- The Discovery

My name is Antoaneta and I am 30 years old. I have my MA in Early Childhood Education and my BA in Sociology. Throughout most of my life I have been involved in the spiritual realm with reading information about Tarot Cards, Dimensions, Energy, Reiki, Chakras, Energy Healing, Wicca, Law of Attraction because I was always intrigued by what is on the other side and the history of mankind and I never accepted religion to be the answer. I was quite all over the place searching for answers of existence indirectly. Thus I believed that life was energy- that is until I came across Desteni.

In the Fall of 2008 my brother and I were interested in Astral Projection so he was researching some youtube videos and he came across a video of the Portal explaining that astral projection was not real and only existed in how our minds perceived it to be and no one ever actually left their body physically- you were just wondering around the realms of your own mind. The information coming from the portal was very interesting to me so I continued with other interviews (at the time they had been doing interviews on History of Humanity- which was retold by a being that came through the portal named Jack). Jack had volunteered, I suppose, to take on the point of human exposure. The way he explained to us that he came through the portal was by Sunette leaving her body (not in astral projection but in one instance of breath in and out) - she allowed another being from the dimensions to come through and speak while she stayed in the dimensions.  This was not channeling as she does not require energy to bring other beings through her and there can be more than one being in her body at a time. So this was def different than channeling.
He also explained that the portal opened up in 2004 so basically anything after the year 2004 had taken a change of events for existence as a whole.

I thought this was fascinating! It did not confuse me as I already had a small background with energy in general I just never knew how it operated so the concept of a Portal and beings coming through was not a shock to me or anything of "questioning"to its possibility to be real.

I began listening to those interviews and for the least it was mind opening to hear the way of events I have never heard before. I remember having a notebook and writing down the events trying to put the puzzles together. I also experienced a point of attraction towards the Jack which was interesting- because my mind had identified this being (Jack) as the actual person in the flesh of the girl Sunette. At the time I did not know her name, nor that she was a girl because I had been listening to the interviews from Jack who came through her body and she also had her head shaved so I actually thought Sunette was a boy, a young boy (In reality she was 21 at that time and def a

At first I was kind of fearful, I only listened to the interviews and gathered all the information- then I took the decision to sign up for the Desteni Forum in March 2009- where other people who had discovered the interviews had joined and now talked, asked questions and got to know each other. The forum had only been opened in 2007 as the interviews took place on YouTube and Desteni was integrating itself on the internet reaching out to people who were able to hear the message of Oness and Equality. I remember I came into the forum and had a million and one questions that were answered from the group members that lived with the portal on the Desteni Farm. I also listened to interviews explaining the history of how Sunette/portal came to be, how they met with Bernard Poolman and Andrea and how the group had taken its start and its starting point for being placed into existence.

Not only did they explain how it all originated but they had the answers to all the questions one can ever ask about existence like what is energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions, frequency, substance...essentially Life itself from the very source. Bernard, Sunette had taken the point to investigate life itself physically and dimensionally with the assistance of the portal which allowed other beings and essentially everything in existence to come through and speak what had been going on all this time from the beginning of human civilization to before even Earth materialized itself to be physical, to how religion/spirituality came to be, masters, angels, demons, "aliens", to who created the human beings, animals, the MIND itself and so on...I mean touching upon all grounds, all dimensions, all layers of this existence. Then moving into the systems of existence starting with the MIND and all it's relationships to the physical body- how it affects the physical body, to how we humans have created systems like the money system and so on.  All existing in a point of inequality-which was the one clear thing as a final result- INEQUALITY was proven to be the source of problem.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 38- Reactions to Church/Religion- Self Corrective Application

For reference read my previous blogs regarding this topic:
Day 34- Reactions to Church/Religion-Christening
Day 35- Reactions to Church/Religion- Identifying the Points

This blog is continuation of me walking the point of negative reactions towards religion/spirituality which indicates that I have allowed religion/spirituality to still have power over me just on the negative side of the polarity. So today I am walking the self corrective application point to clear the polarity.

When I encounter a religious/spiritual person I stop, I breathe I realize that they are at this point in their life because that is the explanation they have found for life and they have not been shown otherwise.

When I encounter a religious/spiritual person I stop, I breathe and realize that there is nothing I can do from the perspective of explanation because that would simply go against their word so "arguing" or trying to prove a point is not the way to go, instead I can offer my inside of how I am walking my process (which is the living word)- that is if there is a point of interest to be opened up.

When I encounter a religious/spiritual person I stop, I breathe I remain stable within me by seeing, UNDERSTANDING that this person has embraced religion/spirituality in their life because every person is programmed to look for some explanation outside of themselves thus they will have to walk their own process of realization that religion/spirituality is NOT the answer, is the deception from the perspective of the bigger picture of what has been created to keep people believing that some power outside of themselves will save them, change them, change the harsh reality that WE create.

When I think of religion/spirituality and I start getting a reaction within me, I stop, I breathe and realize that the only way I can be of assistance to myself and others is to simply show my own self example/ way of living the principles/tools given to me at Desteni (realizing/identifying the points of EGO/mind, walking the self forgiveness and self corrective application until remaining stable inside and able to self direct my life as one and equal to LIFE in the physical).

When I encounter a religious/spiritual person, I stop, I breathe and realize that all I can do is simply bring their awareness to the truth- the rest is up to them as this is an individual process everyone is walking with the awareness or without- it's just that with the awareness one has better control and understanding rather than blindly walking wondering WTF (by experiencing the consequences that are self created or by people in power) is going on and searching for results in all the wrong places until the right place is found.

I commit myself to walking my process and deleting the polarities that I discover existing within me, created by my mind until I am stable within me to be one and equal to life.

Investigate Desteni, Investigate Equal Money System, EqualMoney Wiki, Listen to the the interviews on Eqafe to get a perspective from the "other side" dimensions and explanation on how we fucked up and how we can correct ourselves. 
For those that are ready to change their lives for themselves and for humanity as a whole join us in the biggest movement in the history of humanity- starting with yourself.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 37- Bernard Poolman: A Man of WORD and a common sense vision!

"Bernard Poolman passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning, 11 August 2013 (SA time). His heart stopped beating. - See more at:"

I never met Bernard in person however I was touched and inspired by his interviews and vision that we must create Heaven on Earth in order to stop the abuse allowed currently to exists and drive this mad world of illusions hurting the physical.
At times I found him to be rude in the way he expressed himself almost bringing out the fear in me to come out (fear of the unknown) because he was sharp in his words and he did not sugar coated for anyone. Many Destonians who went to visit the farm got the opportunity to meet him and def know him better than I will ever know Bernard.

When I received the email of his death yesterday I was on my way out the door in South Carolina (vacation) to get some food. I was not able to read the full email right away because I was driving the car, but my reaction was "WHAT???" with a pause at which point I had to put the cellphone down so we can go. On my way to the store I kept thinking about the email and wanting to read all of it ASAP- I was wondering what had happened. When I finally got to read it, I did not know how to respond and had no emotion come up within me regarding his death (which is due to me never having to physically meet him, make "memories" or have connected him to my mind on a physical level.
However I did have a thought come up as though his death is like "Jesus"s death" and not to be taken in vain which means we as a group must stand stronger than ever to continue living the message and make it a reality- which would have been Jesus's message essentially (treat thy neighbor as you would like to be treated"- that is a message of equality- that is the core solution to humanity-that is how we safe ouselves.)

Bernard was not a guru but to me he was a humble teacher, I often saw him as a mentoring, inspirational figure to my life because his words spoke the truth about the state of this world and had the solution, so simple as to targeting the problem at its core (which is money) and establishing an Equal Money System as the common sense solution- all we have to do is agree to walk that solution together.

So I continue with my process of stopping my EGO/mind in existence because I am only one being and it is my responsibility to take care of this EGO problem as it is everyone's individual responsibility to clean their "demons"/EGO/mind so that we are able to create Heaven on Earth.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 36- Reactions to Church/Religion- Self Forgiveness

For context read the last two blogs regarding this topic:
Day 34- Reactions to Church/Religion
Day 35- Reactions to Church/Religion- Identifying Points

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to see religious/spiritual people as less than me because I have created a negative relationship towards religion/spirituality.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have judgements and negative reactions towards religious/spiritual people because I have not accepted and given myself the UNDERSTANDING as to WHY religious/spiritual people have embraced religion/spirituality into their lives.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to ignore the fact that people have been programmed to search for a power outside of themselves as a form of protection and that choosing to walk alone and accept self responsibility and letting go of relying on a higher power is a difficult task that only those who are willing to accept the challenge will see the deception behind religion/spirituality.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have a "cocky" attitude towards religion/spirituality and people who have embraced it into their life as a form of understanding for that which is beyond the physical instead of seeing that for someone to have the REAL inside of what is beyond the physical they would have had to come across Desteni and have accepted to willingly walk process for themselves.

I forgive myself for NOT accepting and allowing myself to place myself in the shoes of religious/spiritual people and gain a perspective of where they are coming from with the presented action/behavior/belief given the fact that I have been walking process and have come across enough information through the DEsteni Material to have an UNDERSTANDING as to why people would have accepted religion/spirituality in their lives.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for anger towards religion/spirituality to direct my actions and behavior towards religious/spiritual people because I don't know how to direct the point myself when placed in situations where I encounter religious/spiritual people.

The reaction comes from the judgement, the judgement comes from me not knowing how to direct myself in those situations, the lack of self direction comes from not knowing how to word myself in those situations, not knowing how to word myself in those situations comes from how I have processed the general information and my understanding of it which shows me that my starting point to receiving this information was that of trying to prove to others that they are wrong which ultimately lead to my inability to speak about the topic with common sense by entering into a reaction. And so it circles.

I forgive myself for accepting allowing myself to let myself have a starting point of "trying to prove someone else wrong" realizing that this starting point is ineffective as it carries the negative polarity charge within the very beginning of itself.

So I am in the process of listening to some of the interviews regarding this topic and I must change my starting point to that of UNDERSTANDING the bigger picture, placing it into perspective so that I can talk about it without entering a reaction.

Next Blog-Learning how to direct myself with common sense and UNDERSTANDING when encountering religious/spiritual people and removing the negative reactions- changing my starting point.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 35- Reactions to Church/Religion- Identifying Points

Continuing from my previous blog where I opened the point where I have allowed religion/church to have power over me from a negative perspective.

Up until my discovery of Desteni, I had rejected religion because I always viewed it as something that did not make sense and it was unreal. I had entered the "I'm not religious, but spiritual" identification of myself. So when I came across Desteni I found out that nor religion or spirituality was "real" from the perspective of people were not aware of what was beyond religion/spirituality, where it came from, originated and what was its purpose of secret deception. I realized that spirituality and religion are both in the same boat of keeping people preoccupied and believing that some higher force will change the world or give one peace of life completely ignoring the physical existence and not having to accept self responsibility for actions and consequences as well as direct themselves. 

Anyhow, the main point is that instead of seeing religion from an UNDERSTANDING perspective I began to identify it negatively and anyone who was religious/spiritual I would judge and in those terms place those human beings as less than me. From the same perspective anyone who would reject Desteni I will place as less than me. That is obviously EGO speaking. So let's turn this EGO into self honesty!

First in order to build an understanding to why people have accepted religion/spirituality or any kind of other form of believing in a higher power/universe i need to realize that we were programmed to search for a power outside of ourselves and we were programmed to reject that which questioned the power we have found within religion/spirituality. It is the power of protection because we were programmed to be afraid to walk alone and direct our lives. I was one of those people that searched for a higher power, read books about energy, light and love and it was all in self interest- how to better myself and ignoring the fact that energy needs to be taken from somewhere and it needs to be generated usually at the expense of another. Up until the day I discovered Desteni I believed that I can have some sort of power over others, that I was special, the "hero" of the story, that I can use that POSITIVE energy to my benefit not realizing that for POSITIVE energy to exists- NEGATIVE must be created because that is how energy was programmed to work (yes it was deliberate- see interviews for Kryon and Anu).

Second I need to realize that those human beings have not had any contact with Desteni to have been shown otherwise, thus they will continue to accept that which makes them feel better and makes them feel comfortable. It's like seeking an adult for comfort when a child hurts themselves. It's building a trusting relationship to that which creates a safe zone. I know because that was me too. My trusting relationship was to positive energy- instead of building a trusting relationship to myself by being self honest and learning how to direct myself in the physical, learning how to care for all of existence equally, and transcending the points of EGOISM-just as I am doing right now-which is something that is taught at Desteni as discovering and building the foundation of self as an individual who can stand in stability and create that which is best for all.  

Third, I need to realize that what is spoken in religion and spirituality until the PORTAL opened in 2004 it was actually true/real from the perspective that this is what was shown to humans and passed down as the program design to life itself-which is explained in those interviews in great detail:  
The Crucifixion of Jesus
Journeys Into the Afterlife
The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events
Demons in the Afterlife
So to think/expect that someone out there will have this inside of events that had occurred, unless they have come across Desteni, is quite impossible. And that everyone out there have formed some kind of explanation whether it be religious or spiritual or whatever is very much possible. It occurs with having bits of information that one puts together to make sense in their mind. What is not known is that those bits of information were deliberately placed there so that people can make sense of "life" when actually being deceived by the very information that was passed down. The information is only true to the value that is given life to-meaning to that which one accepts and allows to be real from a mind perspective. What is missed though is the bigger picture to where the information originated from- and that is where Desteni comes into play. It's going beyond what is known to the human mind.

Self Forgiveness to come!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 34- Reaction to Church/Religion- Christening

Recently we Christened Victor. This was a request from my mom and mother in law so I decided if they want to they can, but I wanted as less part in it as possible. I was under the impression that the spoken words from the ceremony will have some programming "effect" on Victor and I did not want him to be involved in that realm. However after speaking to Sunette in a chat long time ago (I was still pregnant), she said that no one else can program you but yourself because everything comes back to self and is reflected through the mind by what you accept and allow. The actual words spoken in the ceremony or the ceremony itself has no effect on the physical what so ever (at least not anymore). So I said, sure go ahead.

On the day of the Christening we got ready and went to the church. I had already accepted and allowed this cocky attitude within me regarding the whole ceremony so my behavior was not very nice. I was sarcastic in my approach when I spoke to others who came for Victor- which was obviously not cool as it was a reaction.

Somewhere in the middle of the ceremony I slowed down myself to look at the reaction and look at things from a different perspective. As I looked at the huge Jesus statue hanging above the words that came to my head were: "this shit used to be real at some point and time- that humans experienced it the way it is spoken- it was a real thing (putting aside what was behind the veil of it's creation which is explained in detail through the Portal Interviews). And people don't know any different from what was presented and passed down, and here I sit in judgment of those who don't know."

I had a chat with Sunette yesterday about those reactions and here is the segment of the chat regarding this superior/inferior presentation of myself regarding church and religion:

Me: So last week was Victor's Christening….

Me: And I totally reacted at being at the church….i tried to stopping myself (i had this cocky attitude) it was almost self embarrassing

Me: people came there for victor and I had that I don't care attitude

S: Yes, going into such a reaction I have found came from an Ego-point of me feeling like I am superior/more than "them/church/religion" - so, this is a dimension that you can have a look at with regards to any judgment you hold to them/church and see them as inferior to you in any way

Me: especially when the priest began the ceremony (this was more of inner stuff rather than showing it to everyone) because I listened to the words that he was singing/saying/chanting

Me: and then the godparents were made to enter an agreement with "God"

Me: sort of like "do you repent Satan" this tree times and then "do you accept God" and then "do you believe in god"…and they were made to say "yes, yes yes" to all 3 requests

Me: I could not help myself inside of all the backchat that came up when those words were spoken

Me: and then I slowed down and looked at the Jesus statue they have in there hanging like on the cross

Me: it's huge

Me: and what came up was something in the lines of - this shit used to be real at some point and time- that humans experienced it the way it is spoken- it was a real thing (putting aside what was behind the veil of it's creation)-

Me: and people don't know any different from what was presented and passed down

Me: and here I sit in judgment of those who don't know

S: Yes, it's interesting - though also to consider that with the reactions, religion then still have power over you - just now from the negative-angle, because it can get you to react/change you, so in that regard you are then the same relationship as those that believe, religion can 'change you' in your own mind, so thus - it holds power over you in that regard

S: In this, I would thus suggest investigating what you can open up in terms of what is causing the reactions, to not have religion have power over you - not in the positive or negative polarity

Me: i see

Me: i think it is the same reaction that comes up when I am "attacked" from others regarding Desteni- the reaction of I don't know how to direct the point that is thrown at me- I need to prove it, validate it. So with religion I know it's bullshit- and I create a judgement towards someone who has embraced religion/spirituality as less than me- just like I would judge the person who rejects Desteni as less than me so it must be def an EGO point and I've thrown myself in the polarity game reacting because I don't know how to direct the point.

Me: this is a reaction i still can't transcend for some reason- it keeps circling obviosuly

S: What I learned is that:

Me: this kind of brings me to what Bernard wrote when placing us in different categories of process- like I am not in one category only

S: I react because of an opinion/idea in relation to that something/someone so what I did is change my relationship from reaction/opinion to UNDERSTANDING

S: meaning, UNDERSTAND why people relate to religions/believe in them, understand why people resist Desteni

S: through UNDERSTANDING one cannot react, because you see the WHY and within this can also prepare you to help ppl if they ever have real questions

Me: def not at that

So in my next blog I will be opening the point of stance towards church/religion from a negative polarity perspective and releasing the power in holds over me through the mind and changing the reaction/opinion to UNDERSTANDING.

Some interviews to consider to listen to if you are interested in hearing what is behind the "veil" of religion/spirituality/paranormal/demons- what used to be and how it is now and why!
The Crucifixion of Jesus
Journeys Into the Afterlife
The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events
Demons in the Afterlife