Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 49 Process Dependence Self Commitment

Continuing from previous blog Day 48 Process Dependence Self Forgiveness

When and if I go into response of blaming my husband for my process, I stop I breathe and remind myself that I am solely responsible to move/motivate myself in my process and that no one but myself is holding me back.
I commit myself to self motivate me to walk my process because I have made the decision to commit to walk the self change from mind to physical process in this life time to stand as an example that it is possible to change the human egoistic "nature" and become a living being that cares and stands for life that which is best for all.

When and if I feel like I need the approval from my husband or others to approve/validate and make me feel real within my process, I stop, I breathe, and I apply the realization that this need/requirement is energy based because energy requires to be maintained through positive and negative experiences, in this case a negative, self victimizing experience where I become the victim to my husband/others of pity, anger, helplessness.
I commit myself to approve and validate myself to walk process no matter what because I owe it to myself and humanity as a whole to stand up for life and to stop the abuse of life, because through this process is the only way to walk out of the egoistic nature of humans and be worthy of life in the physical.

When and if I feel that I need to prove process to my husband/others I stop, I breathe and apply the realization that process is not something to be proven, but to be walked as a living example and to be seen for oneself willingly.
I commit myself to walk process as a living example and not something I desire to see in me and my husband.

I commit to walk process with or without my husband, because I realize that process is individual for each person whether with Desteni or not (just with Desteni is accelerated), thus I commit myself to not judge my husband's /others process because if he/they don't accept my help and support than that is a choice they are making for themselves and I commit myself to not be angry about it as anger shows me that I am reacting towards his/others process rather than standing stable.