Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 71- Transforming the Word Creativity into a Living Word

To transform a word I need to first look at the backchat, and my self definition relating to the word which in this case is:
"I don't know how to lead/create- meaning I am unsure of myself as a leader/creator because I have not developed that AS a skill of self expression".

I feel unsure/uncertain of myself as a leader/creator because my starting point in relation to the word creativity is that of the collection of ideas by others- thus I am looking at others as a starting point which is external- thus I am not in self expression because then my starting point would be internal. All it takes is shifting the perspective/starting point from external to internal.

Self expression is not a skill, it is a movement of self in any given moment- thus to be creative as self expression requires movement in a specific direction within the expression of that direction in that specific moment. Which makes creativity an action, a collection/gathering of what is here as the foundation to be explored along with a chosen direction of how to place what has been collected/gathered to be practically applied in the chosen direction.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to see creativity from an external point of view where I attempted to collect ideas but in the process ended up confusing myself within all the ideas I was viewing because I had not considered the foundation of what I was looking to express as the collection of the ideas.

Within that I commit myself to assist and support myself to when I experience uncertainty towards creativity to stop and look at my starting point and shift my perspective from external to internal, within that living the word creativity into the external through self expression in the physical.

As starters I will practically apply this within the lesson plans I write for my work- where I will spend a little more time on exploring how I can connect the themes with activities/books that make connections/opportunities for the students to learn the objectives at hand. I will also practically apply myself with exploring options for lesson integration (as what I have learned in my class at school for my ELL certificate) to set up the environment for student's learning. So during my time off I will look at themes/units and I will explore ways to create them/align them towards lesson/subject integration.

I realize that there is never anything 100% original but rather the combination of different ways to organize what is already here available for us to use.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 70- Moment of Inspiration

Today my blog reflects my previous blog Day 69- I Have No Creativity along with the video Missing A Moment of Inspiration While Looking for It by Sunette Spies.

"Creativity is a skill that one can develop through self expression and exploring/seeing/discovering options of presenting something in various ways that will also have an impact on opening up people to see something beyond what they typically see based on their minds"...."My problem is that when I sit down to create something I begin to think in depth by bringing everyone else's ideas so to speak and then not having any of my own. I literally get stuck at that point and can't move on beyond it".

I am connecting creativity from the perspective of inspiration as described in the video. Thus I am looking creativity as a self point into how I move myself in the moment of inspiration which as described in the video cannot be something that derives from the mind but rather in the moment of expression. This I link particularly when I sit down to write a point (as mentioned in the video) where I will have a moment of realization/inspiration and I am not able to write it right away so in my head I put everything down as how I will write it later and when I get to writing it- I experience the resistance and draw a blank as I do not recall the actual moment because I am busy trying to remember what I was storing in my mind to remember the moment. Thus I need to start going to the moment itself and from that starting point recalling the realization itself. So with creativity will go along the same lines as the moment of inspiration of what I want to express. Instead of drawing from all the ideas stored in my mind I need to expand from the starting point of what I want to express on the first place and then the how will flow out from there.

So one thing I have been struggling over and over is writing my process mainly because by the time I have the time to sit down I constantly keep drawing blanks so I say to myself "I got nothing to share"....thus I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to NOT realize that I have been approaching my writing process from the mind as storing a memory of what I will write later rather than really feeling the moment of realization and sharing from that starting point.

I commit myself to allow myself the moment of breath as I sit down to write/share my realizations, close my eyes and bring back the exact moment of realization and begin writing from there.

Ironically I do that a lot actually when I have something to speak about I will run scrips over in my mind of how and what I will say but when the actual moment comes I cannot remember more than half of the script in my mind. So instead of taking the moment and opening up the conversation of what I can say based on the given moment and expand on what I am sharing- I look for the words in my head and of course I cannot find them as the moment seems to to align with the script I've had prepared. And many times that seems to lead to anxiety because I can't seem to voice myself out and what I say is limited.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create scripts in my head because I am afraid that when the time for speaking comes I will not know what to say or how to say it so I feel the need to come "prepared" with words I am going to say, but in that I miss the moment of what actually needs to be said, because I don;t realize that perhaps something I was going to say may not apply for that particular moment. Thus I commit myself to instead of creating scripts to actually investigate/assess the upcoming moment- pin pointing the main idea of what needs to be discussed so that can be my point of self preparation and the rest of the conversation/writing can flow out of there with observing my words with consideration that is applicable for that moment of sharing.

Thus I commit myself to allow myself to breath and speak within the moment with consideration regarding the conversation and people involved. I commit myself to allow myself the moment of slowing down when speaking instead of rushing through to just get my words out.

Next blog I will look at the word creativity and transform it into a living word.