Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 74- Time Management: Responsibilities and Resistences

I have written a blog on this topic before- I mean within similar context "Day 20-Writing as a Chore".
Today I would like to discuss time management and when things become overwhelming.
I listened to some of the Reptilians Interviews (The Learning Curve and Directing Your Process) that was gifted for me (thank you to the person who gifted it to me) which I found assisting to me in opening the point of time management.

I tend to spend too much time thinking in my mind what/how I will do things in my day to cover my responsibilities that I don't actually physically do all. At first I thought that I had given myself too much to handle, but as I re-evaluated myself I found moments of resistance to certain things that I gave myself the responsibility/commitment to do and did everything else in order to avoid doing the responsibilities.
I would give all my attention to tasks I enjoy or have established as enjoyable and avoid doing the tasks that I seem to not enjoy thus building up a resistance point. Within this I need to look at why is it that I don't enjoy something- something in particular that is beneficial to my process and others around me.

So here I am looking at:
1. Thinking rather than physically doing.
2.  Resistance to specific responsibilities/commitments (which is why I spend that time thinking about doing those tasks rather than doing them).

In the interviews I learned that for something new to become "natural" in my life I have to introduce it and practice it over and over and over again until it becomes "natural"/I imprint it by self direction within my daily activity. This is especially true for points of resistance. And I have realized how easy it is to actually do it. All I have to do is DO IT -just give it that initial start (like with writing for example- I could have gone to bed as I was saying to myself "I am tired" but today I was determine that I will write and as soon as I began to write I no longer felt tired).

So when looking at time management I need to place a tangible plan- rather than going over it my mind. I do this by writing it down and then applying it to see if it is effective.

The backchat I play out in my mind just to avoid doing a responsibility is detrimental. Which is why I must not allow it at any costs- because that is where I internally begin to talk myself out of doing the responsibility I have given to myself.