Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 117- Living "Success"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

What does it mean to be successful? I don't often use this word and I can say that I have never actually considered the word within my life.  Success is often associated with the phrase "pursuit of happiness" which is to look for being successful. I think many people view success as having money or the paid off of something that makes one successful (like within a business).

Some ways to sound out the word "success"

Redefinition: Success: Mastering something which will mean being successful in something through practice. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 116- Living "Unpredictable/Change"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

When something is unpredictable it can cause distortion to the usual routine/way of doing things. As someone who likes my day to be organized so that I know what to expect and direct myself- unpredictability can be irritating because that means I have to alter how/when I do something according to the “new plan/situation”.
When looking at the word unpredictable- I can relate it to change, because change is unpredictable and also change is the only constant thing since every moment is a changing moment- life- nothing ever remains the same as it adjusts to suit the moment. Thus, within that I realize that unpredictable is actually something that occurs in every moment and I need to be the one that adjusts to the situation in accordance to the change.

Some ways to sound out unpredictable:
- can't think of any

Redefinition: Unpredictable: moments of changes that I cannot predict but I can adjust to accordingly.

Day 115- Living "Control"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

When it comes to “control” I think that I often express this word with the reaction of anger and frustration. I have noticed that when I want to be in control/ to have power over someone or something it is because I feel I am not stable within myself and that I actually cannot direct the situation. It is the lack of self direction that creates the need for me to have control/power- almost like this force coming from within me to create the illusion that I am in control/in power and I am able to handle it. However within that moment I realize that “I don't got it” and I am only responding in a reaction towards the very thing I don't have control of so that I feel empowered.
So within redefining the word control- as a living word- I realize that “control” is not about having power or making myself feel empowered- it is about stability, it is about directing self and not something outside of myself.

Some ways to sound out control”
-kontrolno (means test in Bulgarian) as testing one's character/knowledge.
-con (as in something against) trol (as a person who is trolling around and not making solutions)

Redefinition: Control: being stable within myself and from that starting point having a self direction within how I am going to respond to something/someone/ a situation.

Day 114- Living "Self Satisfaction"

I often feel unsatisfied with myself because I feel like I am not doing enough or/and not completing tasks I assign to myself. Instead of empowering myself I victimize and judge myself which is not really a solution. Then to fill in the “void feeling” of feeling unsatisfied with myself I start randomly eating, ignoring myself, feeling frustrated I begin to judge others and how they are accomplishing their decisions. And there is a feeling of “I am wasting my time”.

Some ways to sound out the word self satisfaction.
-satis (meaning enough/sufficient per the latin dictionary) fraction (a particle of a moment/time).
I satisfy myself for a moment/particular time

Redefining Self Satisfaction: enjoying the moment of completion/accomplishment of something I have decided to do because it is enough/sufficient.