Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 121- Living "Self Honesty"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
People are taught that to be honest it means telling the truth either to others or themselves. An example I can give is when I first began walking process with Desteni, honesty to meant that if I don't like to do something and I do it anyways- I was being dishonest with myself or the other. Once I began to walk process and we talked about self honesty, I saw that in reality I had to investigate WHY I did not like something, and HOW through this pattern I was limiting myself for a potential. It was that self honesty where I would look into my patterns, reasons, experiences to why I would not like something (for example) and once I walked a particular point within myself I can say that I have looked at something with self honesty which in terms meant that if I am self honest with myself than I am also self honest with others. So self honesty turned out to be deeper than what I had previously thought.

Some ways to sound out the word honesty:


Redefinition: Honesty: It is where honesty becomes SELF- Honesty, looking into the WHY/WHO and HOW within myself to determine if I am aligned with the physical or not.

Day 120- Living "Leadership/Follower"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

Being a leader can be seen as polarity to being a follower. Since I can recall I have always been scared to step forward and be noticed, because I don't like the pressure of having the attention or responsibility falling on me. Thus, I always considered myself a follower and this is a very strong characteristic/character that is existent within me and hard to break. Walking the Desteni process I have realized that it is important to be a leader, but not in a polarity of leader/follower, but in the expression of stability and leading my own life in relation to the physical. So I need to build the leadership skill within me- something I am not comfortable with (accepting responsibility for myself within standing and leading a point/self/my life). Now being a follower is not a bad thing-unless it is part of the polarity (leader/follower), just as a leader can be selfish and inconsiderate when part of a polarity. So with being a follower as an expression is to again stand in stability, but allow myself to hear others and accept other's ideas. So a leader and a follower is a “team”, being aware of when to take a lead and when to step back and follow someone else's lead.

Some was to sound out the word leadership:

-lead-a-ship (in charge of the ships-relationships)
-lead rhymes with head
-leaders-hip (hip leaders)

Some ways to sound out the word follower:

-foll-OWER (owning something)

Redefinition: Leadership: A skill of stepping forward with consideration and responsibility towards the physical in creating/manifesting an idea into reality and allowing for others to learn from me so they can apply the same skills for themselves as leaders.

Redefinition: Follower: The skill of stepping back and allowing someone else to lead and learning from their ways (as long as their ways are in consideration and responsibility towards the physical) and applying what I learn so that I can apply leading skills for myself as a leader.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 119- Living "Compassion"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

When I was younger I used to connect the word compassion to a feeling- “feeling sorry/pity for someone” (which is the definition I found online) and that was the quality of a good person. Later in my life I saw compassion as weakness because I noticed that when I was compassionate towards someone it was emotional for me and I gave into the other person which turned into a manipulation game- and I stopped feeling sorry for others. So I have played both sides of the polarity of the word “compassion”.

Some ways to sound out the word compassion:
-com passion- (with passion)
-compass -ion

Redefinition: Compassion: Understanding/Hearing/Listening what someone may be going through in walking their process but still remaining stable within self and being able to direct how I respond towards that person practically.

Day 118- Living "Money"

This is part of the series "Living Words"

With this word, it is really about looking at the relationship I have to the word money. Growing up I saw money as “evil” or not that important because it brought materialistic stuff and within that period of time I was into spirituality. Walking my process with Desteni changed my outlook completely because I realized that we have made money our GOD and that is not in a good way- it is in an abusive way, however it was not the money that was “evil”, but rather the system that was designed to use money which= US (people). So as a participant within the system there is no way out but through changing our relationship to money-which means changing the system we have designed to one that supports US(life).

Some ways to sound out the word money:

Redefinition: Money: Means of exchange of goods/services/labor (variables) and the relationship of those variables need to be adjusted accordingly to match the means, as such money should be available to everyone at an equal level of supporting one to live life and not survive life.