Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 125- Living " Wisdom"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

Wisdom is often associated with elderly people because of their long life experiences and information they have acquired. It almost feels like a status or a prize for being old. That may hold some truth/validity, however I don't think that one needs to be old to be wise and further more with older people the life patterns they have acquired based on experiences and circumstances, can be harder to change. So what is wisdom?

Some ways to sound out the word wisdom:

-wiz (like a wizard) -dome (rounded vault)

Redefinition: Wisdom: Learning/practicing principles that support the physical (people, animals, plants, insects, reptiles and so on) in coexisting with what is here and searching the best ways to be part of the ecosystem utilizing what we have here collectively to create and not destroy.-(that is what I call someone who is wise/making wise decisions).

Day 124- Living "Potential"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

I think that everyone is born with a potential to do something (on a bigger or smaller picture), however it is the choices we make in our lives that will determine if this potential grows or not.

Some ways to sound out the word potential:

-potent-all (great power/influence all)

Redefinition: Potential: A grain of seed that we need to water in order for it to grow by working/educating ourselves towards a particular direction.

Day 123- Living "Obedience"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

I have always seen myself as an obedient person (part of my personality design) because I don't like to enter conflicts with others and by doing what I am asked I make people “happy” (meaning they don't start a conflict with me). The consequence of being obedient is that I find it stressful on myself to aways “please” others within their requests and within that consequence comes the second consequence/result- as I don't always agree to be obedient within myself-thus the conflict really exists within me and I suppress it over time- which then results in feeling annoyed with others when they ask me to do something for them. The other perspective I see within being obedient is that I feel like others begin to invade my space because I want to get to things that I have planned for myself and then I get a request to do something for another. The pattern I have noticed here is that because I make “bad” planning for myself when another adds their plan within my plan it feels overwhelming and in terms I get upset within myself for not finishing my plans. So when I am looking a redefining the word “obedience” today I want to remove “obedience” as taking orders from someone and focus on obedience as a skill where I can follow through with directions upon which I have agreed within myself based on assessing the situation and seeing how/if I can assist another within the given time frame. And within that I need to practice better self planning.

Some ways to sound out the word obedience:


Redefinition: Obedience: A skill of following through given directions when I have decided I am able to assist another within a request they have given me. 

Day 122- Living "Entertainment"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

The way I have been living entertainment has been to escape reality (to not face something, to not want to do something). Ultimately it has been to generate movement in my mind but not having to move my body in practical applications. So in redefining the word entertainment I see that it has to be self directed point- meaning that it does not eat my time and that I allow/give myself the time for entertainment where there is substance within it- meaning I learn something within being entertained. Instead of generating my mind I can engage my brain.

Some ways to sound out the word entertainment:

-enter-tame-ment (as in keeping my mind busy, be tamed into the mind)
-enter-tame-mend (as in mending into my mind)

Redefinition: Entertainment: A self directed decision to engage my brain and/or body in a fun activity that is relaxing/engaging/interesting/shows me a perspective (has substance).