Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 137- Living "Moderation"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
I connect the word moderation to the word balance. The phrase I have heard is “Do things in moderation/balance” because if its too much the outcome is not good and if it is too less the outcome is not good. Thus moderating oneself is keeping oneself in balance. Overall I can see how this is valid- if one over drinks water they will not feel good and if they don't drink any water they will not feel good. However, if one moderates drugs it is still not good for their bodies. So with moderation there is an aspect of what is being moderated- not everything can be moderated in what is “best for all” scenario, which is why we first need to select that which serves a purpose of “what is best for all” and then keep it in balance according to the physical environment/reflection/support.

Some ways to sound out the word moderation:

-mode (value on a set of data) -ration (rating, portion)
-moda (trending fashion)

Redefinition: Moderation: Choosing something that is supportive to the physical body/environment and creating a moderation/balance in relation to the physical body/environment.

Day 136- Living "Gentleness"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
Gentle is often associated with femininity, or weakness, thus when wanting something one needs to be strong/aggressive/active/persistent. When I think of the word gentle I think of soothing, soft spoken voice, using ones hands to pet. However one thing I have learned through Desteni is that if we want results in reaching people, animals one needs to be gentle which stands in a contradiction with what is expected when one needs to achieve something by being aggressive/powering. I have learned that being gentle is self empowering which in terms is “powering”.

Some ways to sound out the word gentleness:

-gen (information)-tle-ness

Redefinition: Gentle/ness: Expression/approach/touch that is in consideration of others/self which comes through being open and stable within oneself.

Day 135- Living "Commitment"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
So commitment should be a pretty easy thing however I have found for myself that it is hard to do unless I have an interest in whatever I am committing to. And the interest comes from a curiosity perspective which in itself can be a great spark to want to commit to something, however the spark does not last long and then I would lose interest which would then lead to whatever I was commitment to become boring or a dreading experience. I find it hard to continue and I have to find something interesting around it to make me continue to that which I wanted and was excited to make a commitment. Let's take my yoga experience- at the moment yoga is mostly in my mind and a picture of what I do, when I can do it and so on. When it comes to real life application- it is very difficult to me and I tend to make many subliminal excuses. So I realize that I need to address the word commitment and face resistances I may be experiencing and to come out of the picture in my mind and make whatever I wanted to commit to a reality.

Some ways to sound out commitment:


Redefinition: Commitment: A decision from the starting point of practicality (seeing the practical/assisting side of why I chose to commit to something-not the fed image in my mind), (seeing the practical availability to do something-not playing an image in my mind of what it could be or what I want it to be). Within this decision of practical commitment-taking the idea/picture in my mind and seeing if I can place it into my reality ACTUALY. Once committed to something- first write the commitment and reasons that will stand as my foundation-then to push through the resistances that will arise by going back to the list of reasons for my commitment.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 134- Living "Determination"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
I think that this is a word I have barely lived in my life as I tend to give up easy when something is not going my way. So I need to incorporate this word into my life and start living it so that I can accomplish goals and not give up but look for different ways and be determined.

Some ways to sound out determination:

-deter-mind-nation (as in deteriorating the mind)
-deter-mind-nation (as in discouraging the mind)
-de-termination (as in destroying something- so with the de in front would be not destroying something)

Redefinition: Determination: Not giving up but be willing and having a firm decision to look into different ways to accomplish something I start with self awareness and consideration of self and others.