Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 157- Living "Humble"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

The way I have lived the word humble has been in the form of suppression- when I would want to voice myself out but depending on the situation I did not want to be center of attention, or start a conflict/ argument thus humbly kept things to myself while in my mind there is a storm of emotional back chat. On the other hand I am not advocating that instead I should blow up my emotions out thus the solution to being humble is to be redefined.

Ways to sound out humble:
-humble (sounds like bumble- bumble bee)
-hum (as in humming to oneself in silence)
-hum-able (the ability to humble)

Redefinition of Humble: Being considerate of others by placing myself in the "shoes of others" when they are not at the same level of understanding and choosing my words of sharing/speaking with others in a way that it will be understandable and relatable for them within that moment.

Day 156- Living "Alignment"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

Alignment has never been part of my vocabulary, however the more I educate myself with Desteni, I keep hearing this word so I took notice of it and I find it very important to my process. I see that a lot of process has to do with alignment or realignment of decisions in my everyday life. So here I can say that I first must accept that I am not in alignment with something when it does not work, thus investigating and finding a solution through seeing where I need to align in relation to the situations/decisions.

Ways to sound out alignment:
- in-line-ment
- a-light-ment

Redefinition of Alignment: The process of getting myself in line (process of change and adjustment) with the principles of common sense, self honesty, considering what is best for all and thus aligning self in relation to those principles through self investigation, self forgiveness and corrective application.

Day 155- Living "Patterns"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

The way I have to come to see the word pattern is by making it something negative- “to change patterns must be broken”. However, I have not realized that a pattern can in fact be something supportive as long as it is in alignment with the physical and what is best for all.

Ways to sound out pattern:
-a turn

Redefinition of Pattern: A decision/creation in committing to a routine/way/style that is supportive to self and the physical environment, that can be changed at any point if necessary (flexible) and it is lived with self awareness thus not becoming a “slave” to the pattern but rather guiding/creating it as part/expression of myself.

Day 154- Living "Reward"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

Reward is something that is attached to the idea that one must accomplish something in order to be rewarded. That something is usually of positive nature because rewards are positive, it is something we get when we do a “job well done”. However the problem here is that people begin to look at the end result (the award) and not the process or cause. (making the reward the goal and missing on the starting point). So to redefine this word I need to take the focus out of the reward and back to the process/starting point.

Redefinition of Reward: Something that is self accomplished (reaping what you sow) and being proud of the process I have walked/applied in a given situation/event/decision. If there is a physical reward then it can be a “souvenir” of my accomplishment but not the end goal.