Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day194- Living the word "Pace"

For about two months now I have been focusing on the word "pace". What first brought my attention to this word was that I realized how I wanted everything to move fast in my life. I would always be looking towards the next moment instead of living the moment here.
My biggest indicator was while driving my car and I would be late for my destination, an internal feeling would arise where I would push for the car to move faster but of course realistically going with the speed and traffic faster would not be an option. The inner feeling of "pushing faster" would physically cause for me to hold my breath in before breathing again, there would be this tension on the back of my throat, I would get frustrated with people on the road and blame traffic for me being late on the first place. In other aspects of my life this "push for faster" would make me miss on the moments happening now and that would bring my attention in my mind for a future event. So the way I have been practicing living the word "pace" is by simply calling the word out loud when I begin to experience the desire for fast movement and looking towards the next moment. I say to myself "pace yourself, slow down, be here". Then internally my body relaxes and my mind comes back to being here with my physical body and not rushing off to somewhere else.

PACE sounds like PEACE and it also rhymes with RACE

PACE: to bring my physical body, mind and being to one point/moment that is here unfolding forward step by step and stop the race for the next moment.