Monday, October 30, 2017

Day 197- Explaining Anger to My Child

I found a cool way to explain anger to my five year old son. He can be quiet stubborn and whenever he sets his mind to something it is so hard for him let go if things are not going his way. So his initial reaction is to get mad (throw a tantrum about it) and then he will be sad until the energy has ran its course.
So to assist him I came up with a simple explanation- I said to him:
"Look at this cup of water, do you see how the water is calm and still- this is how your body feels inside when you are content. When you get angry (and I began to move the cup around) the water moves in all directions and it is not still anymore. This is how your body feels when you are angry about something. You will feel this yucky feeling of energy in your chest area, it feels uncomfortable. So, to settle our water down we need to breathe and be calm again. Then we can talk about what the problem is and come up with a solution. Because when we are angry we don't think about what we do. So how about we make a deal? When you see me getting angry you tell me- "mommy cool your waters", and I will do the same for you."

So it has been about 2 weeks since this conversation and we have been practicing those words together and there has been an effective result. His tantrums have been less drastic and I have been able to not react as much when he is reacting to something. So it is in progress. I think this can be effective with any child. Give it a try :)